Designation Software that's easy, fast, and secure, for any size firm - and works with other existing software!

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Designation Station is a game-changer.

Copy & paste, highlight, process, report, and collaborate in a matter of clicks, without changing your existing workflow.

Load Designations

  • Copy and paste large amounts of designations from any format

Process Designations

  • Instantly view designation sets that show run-times, errors, & objections
  • Remove overlap between designations as well as duplicates
  • Overlay opposition designations

Produce Reports

  • Generate highlighted transcripts from numeric designations
  • Produce error, objection, and run-time reports for your entire case in a few clicks
  • Create final files for courtroom presentation software (such as TrialDirector)

Collaborate & Check-in at Any Time

  • See the status of all designation sets at a single glance from your central dashboard
  • Visit archives to track previous versions of designations

Learn More

Watch this 90 second video for an overview of the Designation Station software.

Easy, Instant, Secure Set Up at a Low, Pay-as-You-Go cost

Pay just $99 per transcript (less than one billable hour) for unlimited access from the cloud. Nothing to download, no set-up costs or additional fees. Just a single, straightforward cost to pass through to the client. Anyone with a secure Internet connection can access, review, and collaborate on transcripts anytime, from anywhere.

A Win-Win for Your Whole Team and Your Clients.

Don’t waste time dealing with messy data. Handle limitless amounts of changing data in real time with ease. Refocus your team on strategy, not administration. Stay ahead of the opposition. Gain time to tackle the real issues in your case!


“We use Designation Station to process designations in just minutes instead of hours. My paralegals are now free for more strategic work. We have an easier time staying within budget with this innovation. It’s a win-win for the entire firm and means a happy client.


“Designation Station lets me load designations from any format, see errors and objections, and remove overlap. As I designate, the software instantly tells me the run-times. I can collect everyone’s feedback in one go, make the changes, and load for trial in no time at all!”

Trial Technician

“With Designation Station, it no longer matters what format I receive designations, and I can see how long designations run instantly. I can quickly identify everything that the legal team needs to make corrections on, print out highlighted PDF transcripts, and do it in a matter of minutes.

Litigation Support

“It was easy and fast to get our entire legal team set up on Designation Station. Since it’s a cloud-based tool and billed centrally per transcript, everyone in the firm can use it, anytime, no matter where they are. This is a life-changing solution for all of us, allowing everyone on a case to collaborate better.